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Pro Water Features For Your Landscaped Yard

This was a very small water feature, done by Ace Landscaping in Walla Walla, Washington. This simple entry garden pond landscape, did not cost the homeowner a whole lot to get installed, but it did add a great deal to the home's value in addition to the front yard curb appeal.

This is a very low maintenance water feature, with hardy landscape plantings, that were chosen for year round color, also slow growing perennial flowers, and evergreen bushes. These plantings were chosen so that the homeowner would not have to do a lot of trimming maintenance down the road. This project was built in Walla Walla Washington, but would also do well in the tri cities Washington areas, where we here at Ace Landscaping do a lot of work.

The whole project has 25 year commercial fabric, so there is minimal landscape maintenance work, for this area of their yard. There is also a automated drip system, for all the other garden plants, so there is no hand watering. It was very easy for us to tie into the existing sprinkler system, to get this water conserving drip system professionally installed around this pond. Also there is a simple low voltage lighting system in place, that not only highlights various focal points in and around this water feature. It also highlights the rock and stone borders of the pond, while providing much needed lighting to the sidewalk that leads to the house. A well designed professional landscaped water feature, will not only bring up the overall value of ones home, but also add a great deal of overall enjoyment and the satisfaction of a job done right, which will definitely benefit any garden landscape, for years to come.We also used a wide range of stones: both iron mountain flagstones, and a wide range in sizes of river rocks, and pea gravel, plus some basalt stones, and rocks, to create a beautiful natural landscaped water feature. We utilize locally available stone products, with all our landscape projects, to try to some extent to copy what mother natural does so easily in our local mountains. I have found that most of my landscape clients, and myself try to bring in elements found in mother nature every day, into our front and back yard landscape gardens.

Here at Ace Landscaping, I personally get involved in every home improvement landscaping project that we do. From the initial; landscape design, professional landscape construction, to year round garden maintenance services. We will take on very small pond landscaping projects like this one, to doing two to three acre full water feature design, instillation, and ongoing landscape maintenance. No mater what garden landscape  you have in mind, I keep my business size to only six foreman grade employees, plus myself working on the job, to ensure that your completed landscaping is second to none.

 I have spent over 20 years in the landscaping industry, and have built a wide range of beautiful water features, in both the Walla Walla Washington an Tri Cities Washington areas. Landscaping is a very rewarding business. It’s something when you can bring a homeowners landscape garden ideas to reality in their own yard. My primary landscaping goals are to get my clients very much involved in the fist stage of landscape design. Asking them a lot of questions, about what they want in their landscape, and getting their own landscape ideas, in the completed landscaping job. I will always give clients my landscaping recommendations, but in the end its my job to in a professional manor to combine my landscape recommendations, with your landscaping ideas, to give you the beautiful landscape or water feature, that you had hoped for.

Please visit our blog on Hiring A Great Garden Landscaping Contractor (see link at bottom of this blog), which will give you a wide range of tips to help you hire the best Landscape Contractor in your area. 

Garden water features, done by a landscape professional, will give you and your family years of enjoyment, that would be very hard to put a price tag on. Like I mentioned above, the most important thing is to do your homework, and hire the areas best professional landscaper, who does the areas best water features for the garden.

Please contact Ace Landscaping if you would like more detailed information on: ponds, water features, or landscaping. We would like the chance to earn your business for years to come.

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